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Bomboniere & Gifts

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Bomboniere is the special traditional Italian name for “party favours” or special occasion gifts. They are gifts given to guests as a memento and a gesture of thanks for attendance at a Wedding, Christening, Baptisms, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Birthdays or any kind of special party or event. Bomboniere are often styled to the occasion and often contain Jordanian Almond confectionery known in Italian as Confetti. Five Sugared Almonds symbolises Health, Wealth, Happiness, Fertility and Long Life. Confetti can be made in many forms using several different ingredients.

Sugared Almonds are placed inside a bag made of tulle or satin and tied with ribbons.

White almonds are for weddings, first communion, or confirmation etc. Pale blue is the colour usually chosen for birthday or baptism of baby boys, while pink is the usual choice for girls. Custom colours are also available. Red is the customary colour for graduation and silver and gold is for 25 or 50 year anniversaries. Custom styling and colour matching to your party theme is available on request. Many more styles available in store.

Your order for Bomboniere will be processed when we confirm availability of stock and have replied to you concerning all your personal preferences, colours, wording of gift tags etc. Please contact us with any questions


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