White Silk ‘Buona Fortuna’ | ‘Good Luck’ Baby Shirt & Bib 2pc


  • NB – 3M 100% Silk ‘Buona Fortuna’ | ‘Good Luck’ Baby shirt & bib.
  • White embroidered ‘Buona Fortuna’ & scalloped edging.

What is a ‘Good Luck’ Baby Shirt (‘Buona Fortuna’ | ‘Camicino Della Fortuna’)

The “Good Luck Shirt” also known as ‘The Shirt of Fortune’ (‘Camicino Della Fortuna’ also know as ‘Buona Fortuna’ Camicino) is a classic Italian tradition.

It is believed that dressing a newborn in the shirt soon after birth will bring the baby good fortune and saving it without washing as a piece to be passed down through the generations was common historically.

The shirt of Fortune, sometimes nicknamed Shirt of Happiness, is not a dress but a real shirt or rather a sleeveless tunic generally made of 100% silk or silk and cotton.

Symbol of luck, the wish for a life full of good wishes.